Pam Schuffert 

Pam's Website - She has some very shocking info on there. Most will not accept it as you will want to keep your head stuck in the sand.

I once thought I could find ALL the answers in the occult and paganism...until I almost died!

The following account is absolutely true. I came from a background of growing up in the Washington, DC area. I was born at Bolling AFB, headquarters to the USAF. My family was high-end, with my famous USAF father working at the Pentagon, and my mother as secretary for a Congressman for many years.

Our family had status, a beautiful home along the Potomac River, several vehicles, land at a resort on the Chesapeake Bay. My father's USAF cartoons were read worldwide on every airbase that exists. It seemed that we had EVERYTHING the world could want at that time...EXCEPT GOD!

I began to look for God in my early teen life, but in all the wrong directions. Unfortunately, my local church was dead: it had become only a Sunday social club without God's Word or His power. Small wonder then that I decided I would find God's power APART from the church!

And so my perilous journey to "find God" OUTSIDE spiritual boundaries sanctioned by Him and His eternal word began. It all started innocently enough, it seemed, with books on reincarnation and "karma" and "prophetic" books by Jeanne Dixon, New Age "prophetess."

A trip to famed "Al's Magicke Shoppe" in Washington DC led to the purchase of a crystal ball JUST like Jeanne Dixon's! Palm reading, astrology, a Ouija Board and many other tools of the occult and divination were soon to follow. But the resulting nightmare from ingesting this deadly occultic potpourri was soon to follow...

In my freshman year of high school, I developed appendicitis and was rushed into emergency surgery. Failing to later recover as quickly as most people do, I later went into an epileptic seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital once again. Doctors could not determine the cause, and soon I was traveling to several top notch doctors in their field, one on Park Avenue in NYC, the other in NJ, for specialized treatments.

Other terrible symptoms developed, including excruciating migraines that lasted up to a week at least once a month. My petite mal seizures became uncontrollable by standard drug procedures. And soon, in spite of entering high school with a high IQ and top grades, my academic world became shambles.

And the MORE I sought for "God" and "power" in the world of the occult and alternate religions, the worse my health became. I became more ill as my high school years slipped by. And to make matters worse, my father was recruited into the cult of the DC Satanist Elite as well!

The terrible struggles I had suffered with my illnesses began to escalate as my father was seduced into Satanism by a powerful Satanist "black widow", Florence "Pat" Jennings, once considered one of the most dangerous and powerful Satanists in the world.

Satanists send in such women to recruit the men that they desperately want. And tragically, the tactic worked. He was transformed from a once-loving family man into a nightmare that Hitler's Gestapo would have been proud of!

The emotional trauma produced by his transition caused my health to further plummet towards the abyss. And finally, my Park Avenue physician gave up all hope for the age of 18. My mother and I flew home from his NYC office for the last time, certain there was no hope for me any longer. And when we arrived at our DC home, my mother cried out, "Oh, God...IF YOU ARE THERE, please HELP US!"

Throughout my painful ordeal, my Ouija board had remained silent, my crystal ball darkened. There were NO "voices from the beyond" to comfort me or offer hope. No visions. Only the continuing nightmare of my unbearable state of illness!

BUT GOD HEARD OUR HEART'S CRY! And soon I found myself in a small church outside Washington, DC, that FINALLY preached THE GOSPEL! And that very first Sunday I heard the wonderful Good News of God's Son Jesus Christ and His salvation for the lost sinner proclaimed, I KNEW THAT HE WAS THE ANSWER! I realized that I WAS A SINNER, separated from God, and needing forgiveness and SALVATION.

I ran forward to the altar, knelt and asked Jesus into my heart and life, AND INSTANTLY a transformation began. I renounced all occultism and returned home to BURN all my occult books, replaced by THE BIBLE. And within a few months later, I was MIRACULOUSLY HEALED, doctor verified!

The Bible says, "For God so LOVED the world, that He gave His only Son, that Whosoever believes in Him SHALL NOT PERISH, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

Ask Jesus Christ into YOUR heart today, and you will NEVER be the same again. If YOU are a Pagan, isn't it time for YOU to come out of the darkness and into the Light? Contact me! 

Pam Schuffert